06 December 2016


Google the phrase "Trump voters regret voting for him" and you'll garner more than a million links from just the last month alone (link here) to a wide variety of interesting articles. Donald Trump promised he'd be the voice for ordinary Americans, but he's stocking his cabinet with ideologues and billionaires who have zero interest in non-plutocrats other than in ways they can be exploited.

Google the phrase "Trump has walked back his promises" and you'll pull in more than four million hits from within the last four weeks (link here). Trump has a long history as a huckster -- his scam Trump University, his shady real estate deals, his failed promises that resulted in six bankruptcies is proof of that -- so it's no surprise a lot of people now have buyer's regret.

The gay press is alert to the simple fact that you can't believe anything Trump says because he's a proven habitual liar; therefore, anything he has said or promised about LGBT rights can't be believed. This was obvious long before election day to those paying attention; Michelangelo Signorile wrote an observant piece about this back in June titled "Donald Trump Is Proving How Mortally Dangerous He Is to LGBT Equality" (link here).

Two other excellent articles since the election underscore this concern. First is a piece in The Huffington Post titled "Concerns About LGBT Rights During A Trump Presidency Are Justified" (link here). You should also see a piece in LGBTQ Nation titled "Why We Can’t Trust That Lying Liar Donald Trump on Marriage (or Anything)" (link here).

So let's move on to a hot-looking man. Featured today is Ash, who's very nicely put together. I always like a well groomed, strapping bloke with a beard and above-average muscles, so I would definitely take him home to keep if somebody left him in a box outside a supermarket.

He's worked in porn for a variety of gay studios in the last seven years -- topping, bottoming, sucking, getting sucked, and solos. He stands 6'2 and weighs 210 pounds. According to gossip sites, he's gay for pay, but when a lad busts a nut hands-free while getting fucked in the ass, how can he be entirely straight?

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05 December 2016

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

The excellent web zine Towleroad has two recent items of interest that are worthy of a read. First is a brief article (link here) about how stridently anti-LGBT Congressman Steven Russell of Oklahoma is telling colleagues that, as President, Donald Trump will be supportive of anti-LGBT "religious freedom" actions, notwithstanding Trump tried to paint himself as LGBT friendly during the campaign.

Such laws allow blatant discrimination of LGBT people because equality "offends" a homophobe's alleged religious beliefs. It's worth nothing that such exemptions against race discrimination for supposed religious reasons was long ago ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but would a high court turned hardcore conservative because of Trump appointees rule the same way for anti-LGBT laws?

The second article (link here) documents how the downright hateful anti-LGBT group Family Research Council (FRC) is already exerting a strong presence in Trump's transition team. The FRC has long peddled garbage theories like linking LGBT-rights with pedophilia and has also promoted garbage "science" like gay conversion "therapy" (something also supported by Trump's Vice President Michael Pence).

Fortunately, some of the Trump Administration's expected anti-LGBT stance can be muted by local laws in progressive, enlightened communities. In San Francisco, for instance, the city is preparing to fight back against any reversals of LGBT rights by Trump (link here).

And a special shout out for the citizens of Austria is warranted today. Their harshly anti-LGBT far-right Trump-like candidate for President was defeated in an election over the weekend (link here).

Moving on to our stud of the day, Luke is younger than the lads I tend to favor, but he has such a fantastic body I couldn't pass him by. He stands 5.8, weighs 170 pounds, and is from Texas. He's done clothed beefcake modeling as "Wes," but I believe this is the first time he's done nudes.

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04 December 2016


Another lighter day of weekend reading to start. The recommended article today is "Ten Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator" (link here) from Foreign Policy magazine. It's too early to tell if this scenario will come true, but some of Donald Trump's behavior seen since the election sure makes you wonder if it will.

The featured video for today starts out a little rough, but remember it's entirely consensual. Two stepbrothers who have a love/hate relationship fail to resist their incestuous temptations. The very hot top is Shawn Wolfe who usually bottoms onscreen and apparently has retired from porn.

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03 December 2016

Seduced and Betrayed

It's the weekend so no big reading assignment today and, instead, just one linked article. Paul Krugman's piece yesterday, titled "Seduced and Betrayed" (link here), is absolutely on the money about how Donald Trump is a charlatan already shafting the people who voted for him.

I know Krugman is not everyone's cup of tea, but he didn't win a Nobel Prize for being a dummy. His pieces are always well reasoned, and the one I've linked is no exception.

Speaking of seduced, this video looks like a good way to ensnare a hot-looking man who rings your chimes. Invite him over after work, get him high, and then segue to the hot tub.

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02 December 2016

The Record Speaks for Itself

I've received several emails from Donald Trump supporters who insist he's pro-LGBT. Two of them included a photo of Trump holding up a rainbow flag at a rally -- upside down.

The Huffington Post reported in detail on the flag incident (link here) in the final days of the campaign. In short, it was a clumsily staged photo op.

I think Trump's words, rather than a staged photo, show what he really thinks about LGBT rights. The Human Rights Campaign extensively documented his position on same sex marriage (link here). Their verdict was a big thumbs down.

The non-partisan PolitiFact also reported in detail that Trump is anti-marriage equality (link here). "Donald Trump has consistently opposed same-sex marriage in interviews since 2000," the piece notes.

Given that Trump has never appeared at any prominent pro-LGBT event, that he was not endorsed by any prominent LGBT rights organization, that he has repeatedly spoken out against LGBT rights while runing for President, that he selected one of the most harshly anti-LGBT politicians in the country as his Vice President, and that he will nominate a whole roster of stridently anti-LGBT people to the highest level of his administration, it's patently ludicrous to claim he's pro-LGBT.

Now on to some porn. Peter is featured today. He's a very nicely built uncut lad who stands 5'9 and weighs 185 pounds. He needs to stop razoring his chest and would look better if he let his pelt grow in naturally.

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01 December 2016

Cabinet of Horrors

News reports rolling in every day bring word of Donald Trump's latest senior administrative picks, and they're almost without exception deplorable people, and some of them are openly hostile to LGBT people.

Out magazine reported earlier in the week (link here) about his choice for deputy national security is a Fox News commentator who outed her own brother when he was dying of AIDS.

Yesterday, Pink News reported on Trump's likely pick for Secretary of Homeland Security (link here), a man who called the Orlando massacre a "distraction" and mocked the “freakish lifestyle” of transgender people and claimed they have mental disorders.

Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Congressman Thomas Price, co-sponsored the so-called "First Amendment Defense Act," which would legalize discrimination against LGBT people. Trump has already promised to sign this when passed by Congress in 2017.

And, as I've already written here, Trump's Vice President, Attorney General nominee, and Secretary of Education nominee all oppose LGBT rights. But there's more -- Instinct Magazine reported yesterday (link here) that every single Trump appointee so far announced opposes LGBT rights.

Yet Trump supporters still insist the incoming President will support LGBT rights. Pardon my French, but I smell bullshit.

Turning to a more pleasant topic, let's feast our eyes on Marco. He nicely ripped with an uncut cock. Apparently he's only ever done solo wank shoots. He's from Texas, stands 5'8, and weighs 180 pounds.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than one hundred images in four different shoots featuring Marco. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

30 November 2016

International Shame

The Washington Post published an article yesterday by human rights activist Dr. Samar Habib (link here) about how the United States will likely go from being the beacon of hope on LGBT rights to a beacon of hate, providing de facto encouragement to countries suppressing LGBT people, thanks to Donald Trump's election and that of his stridently anti-LGBT Vice President. As Dr. Habib writes, "in many countries, this could seriously harm those whose gender identity and sexual orientation vary from the mainstream."

In essence, America will go from what we are now on LGBT rights to a position much like that of hateful autocrat Vladimir Putin. This is sickening. Our international reputation on human rights will go from the generally positive, as it is now under Barack Obama, to something much worse than it was under George W. Bush, when debacles like the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib led to widespread international condemnation.

I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is from a country where LGBT people are persecuted, a stance that was condemned by the United States under President Obama. Now, a nation with a strident anti-LGBT reputation will likely be encouraged by the United States. I fear for his LGBT friends who were not able to flee his country like he was able to do.

Seguing away from that dark note, our film for today features a lad so horny he hangs out his window and offers his mouth and ass to anyone who happens to wander by. He has plenty of takers, including one bloke who stops by again for sloppy seconds.

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