27 July 2017

Filthy Liar

Yesterday morning, Donald Trump announced that the United States military would no longer accept or allow transgender people to serve (details here).

The surprise announcement was widely condemned by both Republicans and Democrats and strongly resisted by Trump's own Secretary of Defense. Prominent Republicans on Capitol Hill condemned the President for this action, like Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado who said "America needs a military comprised of patriots willing to sacrifice for this country. Any American who is physically and emotionally qualified should be allowed to serve" (details here).

Politico reported later yesterday (link here) that this was a snap decision by Trump to pander to conservatives in Congress so they would pass a spending bill full of his vanity projects like the ridiculous Mexican border wall.

As a result, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, Trump threw as many as 15,000 proudly serving military members under the bus to fluff up his fragile ego. These men and women are serving bravely, something Trump didn't have the courage to do when he applied for five deferments during the Vietnam War.

With this action, Trump finally exposes his lie about being pro-LGBT for exactly what it is -- a bold-faced lie. Yet again, he broke another campaign promise in the blink of the eye when it suited him without a second thought for the thousands of lives that will be burdened by his callousness.

Fortunately, LGBT advocacy groups are preparing to challenge this disgraceful action in federal court on equal protection and other constitutional grounds. Trans service members will have their lives turned upside down if they are dishonorably discharged and denied veteran benefits. This ruling must not stand.

First Trump went for the throat of trans Americans in the military. Who's next? Muslims? Gay men and women? Liberals?

No LGBT person should ever attempt again to claim that Trump is pro-LGBT. He viciously stabbed the LGBT community in the back yesterday, a brutal betrayal that must never be forgotten.

Batman's Brother

This is Conrad aka Rick, who looks like he could be Michael Keaton's kid brother. The originating website makes it clear he's straight and intimates he won't be back in any man-on-man action. Conrad is 30, stands 5'11, and weighs in at a well muscled 185 pounds. He did one other solo scene seven years ago as Rick.

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26 July 2017

The Enemy of My Enemy

An open war has broken out between Donald Trump and his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who was once one of his most ardent supporters (details here). Trump has been furious since early March because Sessions responsibly recused himself in the Russia/Trump scandal investigation for ethical reasons because of a potential conflict of interest.

That recusal cleared the way for the Assistant Attorney General to appoint Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russia/Trump after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because the latter was also investigating the scandal. Trump expected all these people to be loyal to him and thus sandbag the investigation.

So Trump is now livid that the scandal investigation continues and he can't stop it. He's been openly criticizing Sessions, and Trump's attorney has admitted publicly the President wants him to step down (details here).

For his part, Sessions has made it clear he's not going anywhere (details here). And the Senate plans to avoid recessing indefinitly, so that Trump cannot fire Sessions and appoint an Attorney General who doesn't need confirmation (details here).

A President can normally approve cabinet secretaries for up to two years during a Senate recess and without a confirmation vote, which is known as a recess appointment. Without the power to replace Sessions, Trump now cannot stop the investigation.

I have to say I'm sort of amazed that no Republican has had the balls to publicly challenge Trump and ask -- "why do you want the Attorney General to step down other than to scuttle the investigation?" I'm sure many journalists have asked that of the White House press office, but of course they would not respond.

So all this has led to a stalemate between two odious individuals: the President and the Attorney General. The latter will continue his far-right conservative policies but he could also openly encourage further investigations into Trump's campaign, family, and personal business.

Like an idiot, Trump has turned one of his closest friends into a bitter enemy, and that bitter enemy happens to be the most powerful law enforcement officer in the country.

There's an old political rule that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." So if Sessions is turning up the heat on criminal investigations into Trump, then more power to him, particularly if he shares the evidence with members of Congress who are also investigating the President.

Once again, Trump has proven to be his own worst enemy. He's a political neophyte who stupidly thinks he can out-maneuver an experienced political veteran.

Sperm Donation

Robert is the big lad dominating the little twink here. He's been doing porn for the last eight years and has done gay, bi, BDSM, and straight scenes, almost always as a dominant top. Robert stands 6'2 and weighs in at 215.

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25 July 2017


You've probably heard that Senator John McCain was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer recently. He has the identical type of cancer that killed Ted Kennedy.

I did not vote for McCain when he ran for President but have never doubted he's a courageous American. He was a prisoner of war for five and a half years and frequently tortured during that long ordeal.

So while I would never support his politics, I'm sure I'm like many people when I wish him well during this difficult time.

Sadly, quite a lot of people aren't that way. They're celebrating his fatal illness. And those people also support Donald Trump.

As detailed by Newsweek (link here), some Trump supporters have been saying particularly horrible things about McCain online. One called his cancer diagnosis "godly justice" while another declared "I’m pretty sure that God is punishing him."

Now Trump can't pick who stands behind him. But the fact that so many despicable people support him says something about his message and his appeal.

And it also speaks volumes when Trump is utterly silent in the face of this disgusting abuse being heaped by his supporters on a political opponent, not unlike the abuse Trump himself dished out to McCain during the campaign when he mocked the Senator for having been a POW.

This isn't democracy in action. This is thuggery in action. Most politicians would speak up strongly against this kind of ugly behavior.

In fact, John McCain did that in 2008 when he was running for President and a supporter lobbed false and racist accusations against Barack Obama. McCain stopped the woman from speaking and spoke up in support of Obama in defiance of his own constituent.

That takes integrity and class, two attributes that the current President is entirely lacking. If he doesn't speak out soon about what his supports are saying about John McCain, then Trump owns that ugliness himself by condoning it with silence.

Morning Woody

Micah awakens with a powerful erection, but he lets boyfriend Trey sleep in because he worked a double shift the day before. He hopes coffee and the morning news will distract his boner, but that fails to do the trick.

So he curses himself as he awakens Trey and begs for relief. He's overjoyed when Trey is happy to oblige and slides his warm, moist mouth over his rigid, throbbing cock.

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24 July 2017

Acting Guilty

In the span of three days last week, Donald Trump went from the position that all investigations into him and his campaign are based on fake evidence to warning Special Counsel Robert Mueller not to investigate his business empire (detail here), which was followed by the President's Twitter pronouncement that "all agree the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon" (details here).

Why would you warn someone away from doing something if you have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong? Logic would dictate that Trump would go out of his way to help the investigators see anything they wanted.

And why talk of a pardon before he or anyone in his family or businesses have been indicted, let alone tried, let alone convicted?

On the Sunday talk shows, Trump's lawyers first said the West Wing was not talking about pardons, but even if they were, Trump could pardon whoever he wanted and claimed only the Supreme Court could decide if a President could pardon him or herself.

If the White House legal staff isn't even talking about pardons, why did Trump bring it up himself unprompted? Why are his lawyers talking up pardons at the same time they're denying anyone's talking about pardons?

Given Trump has brought up pardons, his lawyers might want to brief him about an important Supreme Court case decided in 1915 called Burdick v. United States. That decision established, when someone accepts a pardon, that's an admission of guilt (details here).

While legally anyone Trump pardons probably cannot be prosecuted in a federal courtr, does Trump actually think pardoning guilty members of his own family won't have any political repercussions for him?

A Man Named Seed

The big bruiser seen alone in the first three shots below is named William Seed in porn, among other handles. He was also featured here on the blog last month. He's French Canadian -- they certainly seem to grow a lot of big uncut bucks up there.

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23 July 2017

A Cavalcade of Lies

Thursday marked the six-month anniversary of Donald Trump being sworn into office as President. To commemorate the occasion, The Washington Post released their tally of all the substantive lies Trump has told in office (link here).

The six-month total stands at a whopping 836. That's almost five substantive lies a day, day in and day out.

What's interesting -- and disturbing -- is the fact that Trump isn't getting more honest. He's actually getting more deceitful.

A chart published in a linked-through page detailing all the lies shows that Trump has stepped up the pace of deceit. Two of the three days where he's told the most lies were in July 2017, the current month. As well, July 2017 is also the month where he's told more than five lies a day on more days than any other month.

This is not the first time I've done a post about Trump's habitual lying. It might seem like overkill at times, but there's good reason.

Why? The answer is simple: people still write to me or post comments here about how I'm wrong because Trump has said he's going to do this or that.

I'm wrong for not believing a chronic liar? Hello?

All politicians shade the truth from time to time. That's not news. But no national elected official has ever told lies with the pace, volume, and frequency of Donald Trump.

Given the frequency of his whoppers, we have to assume he's lying every time he opens his mouth. We may be proven wrong, but better to be pleasantly surprised than repeatedly conned and abused.


Rutting Beef

The big beefy top here is Matthew Rush, who worked from 1999 to 2014 in porn, usually as a top but occasionally as a bottom. He could be an inconsistent performer at times, but in this scene he's top rate. Max Strong owns the ass Matt is pounding.

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22 July 2017


The Washington Post broke a disturbing story yesterday (link here) that Donald Trump has asked legal advisors about the presidential power to pardon family members, people on his staff, and even himself for any crimes that may be exposed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation into the President, his family, his campaign, and his staff.

As you may know, the United States constitution grants a sitting President broad powers to pardon anyone accused of a federal crime. This power can even be proactive, as when President Gerald Ford granted a blanket pardon to Richard Nixon after the latter's resignation for any crimes he may have committed while in office, notwithstanding he had not yet been indicted.

So, legally, Trump would have no impediments if he wanted to pardon his children or people who worked for him.

Legal experts disagree, however, about whether Trump can pardon himself (details here). Nixon's own Justice Department, for instance, told him that he could not pardon himself while in office (details here).

The experts uniformly agree on one thing, however: Trump cannot pardon himself out of an impeachment. The constitution specifically says he can't. Congress can impeach him and remove him from office. Trump has no power to stop that.

Because many issues about pardons have never been tested in court before, there is no certainty that Trump could pardon members of his own family without legal repercussions. A highly esteemed law professor wrote in The New York Times yesterday (link here) that Trump's pardon power may not be as broad as he thinks it is, and if he attempts to use it in certain ways, that could open him up to future prosecution himself.

Trump may think that pardoning people will be a way to end the Mueller investigation. Not only will that not happen, it will guarantee that all kinds of evidence will come out.

Why? The answer is simple -- if you're pardoned, you can no longer plead the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination (details here). So if Trump pardons his daughter and/or his son and/or his son-in-law, all of them can be forced to testify against their father, either in an impeachment proceedings or a criminal prosecution.

And if they refuse, they can be sent to jail until they testify, and Trump can't pardon them free.


The big hot bruiser seen here is the legendary Gordon Grant. This appears to be a compilation of several of his scenes from various movies and loops. He did porn from 1976 to 1986 and sadly died of AIDS in the early 1990s.

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21 July 2017

Only Loyalty Matters

On Wednesday night, The New York Times published an interview (link here) with Donald Trump where he made any number of his trademark reckless comments that angered Republicans on Capitol Hill as well as likely gave his lawyers palpitations.

The remarks that caused the most reaction and headlines had to do with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump is still furious that Sessions recused himself from the Russian inquiry.

He is incapable of realizing that the recusal was legally and ethically mandatory. He is also incapable of understanding that the investigation now being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is legally and ethically mandatory.

As noted by The Washington Post (link here) in reaction to the interview: "The president asserted his prerogative to order an FBI director to end any investigation for any reason at any time." Trump, of course, is dead wrong with this. Both the Justice Department and the FBI are, as a matter of law, largely autonomous and beyond White House control for good reason.

Trump clearly expects his people to be loyal and do whatever they can do shut down any such investigations. He also vaguely threatened Mueller's team if they attempted to look at any of his business dealings, which a separate news reported indicated is now underway (details here).

The President clearly has no respect for the rule of law. He clearly thinks he's above the law, embracing the Nixon maxim that "whatever I do is legal," a policy which the Supreme Court long ago flatly said is wrong and not founded in the constitution.

One has to wonder if some of what Trump said in the interview could even be used in an obstruction of justice case against him. A US Senator from Connecticut and former federal prosecutor hinted as much when he tweeted (link here) "threatening the Mueller investigation is more evidence of obstruction of justice -- a criminal case unfolding in real time before our eyes."

The Ex

I'll admit I selected this lad to feature today because, in addition to a Matt Damon resemblance, he looks amazingly like a former boyfriend. I know he's actually not my ex because the latter didn't have tattoos and he's currently in prison. And therein lies a tale.

I met the former boyfriend professionally and interacted with him in a business situation before he made a pass at me. We quickly became a couple. Everything was great for a while, but then I sensed things that he said weren't truthful. With time, more was revealed, and I discovered he was both a serious drug user and also dealing in a pretty substantial way.

As often is the case, a web of lies will quickly kill a relationship, and that is exactly what happened to us. I discovered the drug paraphernalia and then the drug stash and that was that. Other than pot, I had zero experience with drugs so for too long I missed what was staring me in the face.

After we split, we occasionally ran into each other and things were always amicable but he looked increasingly haggard. And then one day he was arrested with some of his cohorts, subsequently went on trial, and was given a lengthy prison sentence. I've thought at times about writing to him in prison but ultimately decided to let the proverbial sleeping dogs lie.

It's a shame because he had many great qualities and was funny, brilliant, talented, and gifted. But he got caught up in a scene that eventually ensnared him.

On to the bloke actually pictured below, who is purportedly named Cody. He's average lad hot but not model hot. He's 5'10 and 160 pounds. He might be ex-military but he's obviously not currently serving because some of those tattoos are not within regulations. The producer's website did not hint he'd return for male on male scenes, which usually means he won't.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear here and total sixty-six in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, please click here.