19 April 2015

Make Room for Daddy

When I was a young lad just after the age of consent, the idea of being seduced by a mate's studly dad would fuel my fantasies. A few years thereafter, I did have encounters with hot older men, usually married, who were old enough to be my father.

Now that I'm old enough to have a son in his early twenties, being on the other side of the seduction game is what captures my fancy. I usually favor blokes my own age, but I'd be happy to pop any naive young lad's cherry who needs a father figure. Even better, I'll bring my boyfriend along and we'll make it an unforgettable event.

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18 April 2015

Musclepups and Musclebears

This first video is for those who favor muscle on the younger side. The young fuck like jackrabbits and spend half their life hard, not that that's a bad thing. The bottom in this video is the one who catches my eye.

The second video is for those who favor muscle with some brawn and vintage. They might be a little slower but they fuck harder and stronger and longer. The top here rings my chimes.

And there's nothing saying that you can't enjoy both. These four blokes could make a hot fourway.

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17 April 2015

Fire Exit

New bartender Yohann is quite anxious his first day on the job. He's so nervous he accidentally drops an entire case of expensive liquor in the storeroom, shattering every bottle.

Bar manager Jeff calls him aside after the place closes for the evening. "About that dropped case," he says. Yohann is expecting at best he'll have to pay for the whole thing and at worst he'll be fired without pay.

"Come back by the fire exit and we'll talk about that damage," Jeff says. Yohann dutifully follows him, expecting to be tossed out the door. Once in the dim corner, Jeff instead pushes Yohann to his knees as he begins unzipping his fly. "Open your mouth," he orders as he pulls out his thick uncut cock. "And get to work."

Yohann is secretly thrilled at his punishment. His new job is going to work out quite well, much better than he ever expected. And when he needs to negotiate a raise or some time off, he'll know exactly what's expected of him.

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16 April 2015

Brainy Pin-up

When I first saw this photograph, I thought it was from a 1960s pulp porn magazine and he was some rough-trade stud who posed naked for a few bucks or a bag of weed. He looks like the ideal mid-century gay icon with the skinhead haircut, laced leather shirt, grimy worn jeans, and old scuffed boots.

But this is a 1961 photograph of the eminent neurologist Oliver Sacks in his youth when he took a lot of drugs and lived in Topanga Canyon. He was into fitness long before it became popular and swam a mile or more every day.

Sacks has always lived alone and never married. Hmmm, I wonder...

Too bad he didn't pose on the motorcycle shirtless, because as you can see from this somewhat later photograph here, he has a fantastic hairy chest. You can also see the picture below in its original larger size here.

15 April 2015

Enforcing the Law

Park ranger Brock Masters very capably demonstrates here that he knows how to lay down the law when he catches a young offender in his jurisdiction. The scofflaw learns his lesson well from a well endowed enforcer.

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14 April 2015

Poker Night

Jessy meets up with four of his mates for some poker. But the game goes badly, they drink too much, and the next thing they know they're all naked and hard. And then Jessy makes a surprising discovery: he's the only top in the room.

What would be better if you're a top -- having four bottoms or sharing two with two other tops? Or what about four tops and one bottom?

I think four bottoms means some lads would be idle. I think a better pairing might be two tops and three bottoms. Then everyone always has something to do. As if all of us have such problems.

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13 April 2015

Joe Jock

I predict that in about ten years, if this lad keeps in shape, he'll be a major stunner. Right now he appears too youthful, but once he fully grows into his looks, he could be quite handsome.

He has a nice body and a great uncut cock. Too bad he shaved his torso a while back; hopefully we'll see more of him once that all grows back in.

He strikes me as one who might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that's all right. I like 'em big and dumb.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and are archived here (mirror here), with a few more not shown.