17 December 2014

Oreo Flip-Flop Fuck

The film reviewer in my jeans liked this one. He stood up and applauded. It's so hot to see total equality, with two big bucks, one white, one black, both changing places between top and bottom. If you haven't flip-flopped yourself, you don't know what you're missing.

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16 December 2014

Baste This

I don't watch cooking shows on TV, so I had never seen this big slab of hot beef before. He's a celebrity chef named Robert Irvine on various gourmet programs.

He's 50 and very ably demonstrates you don't have to go to seed just because you're no longer in your twenties or thirties. Unfortunately, he's also straight, married, and with children.

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15 December 2014

Everybody Loves Raymond

This lad is allegedly named Raymond and described as straight on the producer's website. He's supposedly let a few of his gay friends suck him off but has had no other male-on-male sex. The producer plans to bring him back for an male-male oral scene shortly.

He's not model hot but has a great "real man" look about him. He's definitely well above average in the body department, and that pelt of fur is fantastic.

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14 December 2014

Ginger Spice

If you have a weakness for Ginger lads, then you'll probably enjoy this bloke. He's a hottie. I don't believe I've ever seen him before in porn.

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13 December 2014

Better Than a Card Game

This is a hot one.

Four lads stuck inside on a rainy day. What is there to do? How about a card game? Bridge? Canasta? Poker?

Speaking of poker, perhaps some poking would be a better idea. Yes sir, I vote for that. A no-holes-barred fuckfest for four is much more fun than cards. Save the shuffling and dealing for the old folks home.

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12 December 2014

The Louisville Slugger

One way I check to see if a picture has been Photoshopped is to run it through several different webpages that analyze photos. I next search for all versions of the photo online to see if I can find any where the individual has a more "normal" size cock.

I ran both tests on this one and he came back okay. The camera angle could be giving him a bit of an advantage, but he still has quite a bit to start. I wonder if he's a "grow-er" and that thing gets any bigger when he's hard.

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11 December 2014

The Red Room

Big brawny Sam Colt is sporting an interesting new look with a curious haircut and a big nineteenth century-style mustache. He paws all over musclepup Darius like some kind of sex-crazed ursine and then ruts him in a sex-crazed fury. A good time was had by all.

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