02 September 2014


This lad is one of the new studs in the Randy Blue stable. They have his name as Fabio Acconi, but he doesn't look particularly Italian to me -- he looks more Latin. Perhaps he's Brazilian.

Their website hints that he'll be topping in the future scene, so I hope they're not just playing cock tease. He'd be great with another stud or two or three.

The original photos are larger than they appear below; you may click here to download a free folder with several dozen Fabio shots.

01 September 2014

Big Ben

This lad allegedly named Ben looks like a sexy pirate. His killer bod and thick dick are seriously tempting. Because he's circumcised, I'd wager he's American and/or Jewish.

As usual, the photos below are bigger than they appear. They're part of a set of thirty quality pictures in their original larger size, so click here to download your free copy of the entire group.

31 August 2014

Crime Fighter

I don't understand how the detective bottoming for four studly suspects will solve the crime, but I applaud his policing skills. With so much porn looking alike after a while, this one certainly is distinct and memorable for the setting alone. The four suspects are hot, particularly the one with the oddly light eyes.

If you'd rather watch at the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

30 August 2014

A Hairy Beast in a Shiny Suit

Only a certain type of man can pull off wearing a suit like this. The contrast between the elegant satin-like fabric and the hairy beast is striking. I particularly like how he writhes and squirms whilst he jacks off.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

29 August 2014

Fine Art

I've featured some fine samples of Russian photographer Andrei Vishnyakov here before. He creates magnificent works of art featuring beautiful men. Seen below are some of his recent black-and-white material . If you're on DeviantArt, which you may join for no charge, he has a portfolio page where you can download hundreds of photos like these without cost. (Please note he has some photos of women on his page, also.)

28 August 2014

Fuzzy Fucking

The bigger lad topping here named Abele, which doesn't sound like a fake porn name, has a magnificent chest. He's my pick of this litter.

Imagine him sucking you off, then you dump your huge load on his face and it drips down to his pelt. You tongue it off of his fur, then let him feed from your lips.

These images are much larger than they appear here. To download a free set with three dozen full-size, high resolution photos of this scene, be sure to click here.

27 August 2014

That Afternoon With Coach

The year after graduation, Tate saw Coach Brad shopping for towels at the local Target. He'd always felt odd around Coach, uncertain about what to make of his fascination and borderline obsession with the older man.

Coach didn't seem to spot him, so Tate watched discretely from a distance. Later, waiting in line at the check-out, Tate was awakened from his daydream when he felt warm breathing behind his ear and Coach whispering, "I want to be inside you, boy. Right now."

If you'd rather watch Coach Brad take Tate's cherry at the source site, or to download your own free copy, click here.