25 January 2015

White Trash Theatre

This is one of the more curious porn videos out there. There's a bit of actual plot, too, and the acting isn't horrible. More important, some of the men are very hot as is the sex, albeit a bit rough at times.

To download your own free copy or to watch on the source page, you'll need to click here.

24 January 2015

Hairy Legs and All

I tend to prefer men over thirty for bedmates, but I do have a weakness for younger males with sexy, sturdy legs. In Southern California, where half the male population seems to be wearing shorts at any one moment, there's always a bumper crop of athletic young men proudly displaying their hairy legs.

Here on video are two younger lads with tempting legs and other enticing body parts. The first is allegedly named Raphael and the second is Payne. For a direct link to the source for Raphael or to download your own free copy, click here, and for Payne, click here.

23 January 2015

Reality Interruption

This blog usually features naked men and porn, but the post today will be an exception. Featured below are three photos of a 50-year-old sheriff's deputy marrying his 33-year-old boyfriend. They were the first gay couple to wed legally in Florida.

What I like about this true story is how reality reflects fantasy: a gruff and grizzled "daddy" cop is passionately in love with his much younger boytoy. So for every young lad out there with a daddy cop fantasy, your wish may come true some day.

So I wonder if the cop pulled over the younger bloke for speeding and that's how they met? Or perhaps it was in traffic school?

These photos are archived here in their original cropped size.

22 January 2015

The Ginger Viking

Hollywood often depicts Vikings as dark and somewhat swarthy, but in reality they were probably more on the blond and ginger side. Erik the Red, for instance, had flaming red hair.

The ginger lad here with the big Norse beard is Bennett Anthony, a relatively new stud in the porn firmament. According to a recent interview, his porn contract forbids him from shaving his body hair. That suggests hair is back in porn, and I couldn't be happier. His fuckmate here is Jimmy Fanz, who also thankfully didn't take a razor to his nice pelt.

The originals for these photos are massive and total one hundred in number. To download the complete set for free, you should click here.

21 January 2015

Gay For Pay, Or Not?

The skinhead bloke here appeared in gay porn for a number of years as Maxx Diesel. Then he left that and went into straight porn, appearing in hundreds of titles as Christian XXX. To complicate matters, as Christian XXX, he has bottomed in both tranny and pegging films, with the latter being porn where women use strap-ons to fuck men.

He insists that he's straight and only goes gay for pay. But it's always been my theory that any "straight" man who sucks cock and/or takes it in the ass from another man is not entirely straight. The money is like a good lube, to make things a little easier, but you still need a certain inclination to be willing to be fucked for all the world to see.

All that does not matter to enjoyment of the film. A real highlight, as you will see, is that Christian's lover dumps a big load on his bald head.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll need to click here.

20 January 2015

Ted's Fitting

The logic behind this photo set isn't entirely clear. Why did Ted decide to strip down and jack off whilst at his tailors for a fitting? Was seeing his own muscular hairy body and fat uncut cock in the tailor's mirror enough to get him hard? We may never know.

The originals of these are larger than they appear below and are part of a set of thirty. To download the whole batch for free, please click here.

19 January 2015

Big Ben

I watched the AMPAS screener DVD of Gone Girl with my boyfriend last night. Toward the end of the movie, Ben Affleck walks naked into the shower.

At first you only see his butt. But when he turns to the side, his well-above-average-sized cock is clearly visible. It swings slightly as he turns, then his junk is partly obscured by the edge of the shower door. Ben appears to be cut. He also has a bit of a paunch.

We replayed the passage several times over to proffer our expert opinions about Ben's big surprise. I usually don't get excited about celebrities because, having met quite a few, I've found they tend to be full of themselves and rather dim-witted. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see their oversized dongs when they want to show them to me.

I've archived the stills seen below on another page in their original size (click here to examine and save).

Now we know why Jennifer Garner is always smiling. And I can't help but wonder if any of those Ben and Matt rumors were true. If so, then my money is on Matt as the bottom.